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4 Fun Ways Seniors Can Make a Little Extra Cash Online

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4 Fun Ways Seniors Can Make a Little Extra Cash Online

Whether you're an entrepreneurial spirit that can't sit still for retirement or you'd love a small influx of cash for treating yourself or your grandchildren with, modern technology makes it easy to join the gig economy as a senior. Residents of the Grand Villa assisted living community in Grand Junction, CO, can put their time and talents to work to make a little money if they want to. It does take some work and research, but here are a few things to know before you get started as well as some ideas for fun ways to earn money.

Don't Put Your Overall Financial or Physical Health At Risk

Before you start your own small business or sell your crafted goods for pocket money, make sure that you're not putting anything at risk. Ensure you're doing something that doesn't cause issues for you physically, and consider consulting someone to ensure any extra money you earn doesn't put your health coverage or other benefits at risk.

Don't Commit to More Than You Want to

Remember to keep your money-making hobby just that: something you do for fun that happens to bring in a little extra cash. If you don't need the extra money to live your retirement, don't turn your new endeavor into a full-time job — or even a part-time job that keeps you from doing other things you want or need to.

Do Something You Enjoy

For ideas on making a little extra cash as a senior, think about what you like to do and how you can make money from it. Here are just a few options you might consider.

Sell your hand-crafted items on Etsy. This online marketplace lets you set up a store and sell items including needlework, woodwork, paintings, sculptures or sewed garments. It's easy to sign up, although seniors who aren't internet savvy might want a little help setting up their store. Once setup is complete, you just need a way to take digital photos of your items so you can upload listings to your online store.

Put your way with words to work. Seniors can join a large number of freelance wordsmiths who complete small writing tasks for companies online. You can make money writing about things you're interested in or crafting clever descriptions of products for sales pages. All you need to succeed at this gig-economy opportunity is an understanding of grammar, a little creativity and a computer with an internet connection.

Teach others what you know. Seniors who have a college degree may qualify for gigs through online education providers, including Tutor.com. These sites let you earn money by giving back to others, helping today's students work through the lessons and information they're struggling with.

Complete surveys or small online tasks. You can often earn small rewards, which may be provided in the form of gift cards or points you can redeem for prizes, by completing surveys. However, it's easy to get off track and involved in surveys that really are just complex sales strategies (or even scams). Save the Student offers a list of legitimate survey opportunities that might also be fun for seniors. Remember that you should never give your bank account or credit card information to survey companies, and you should only engage in surveys when the instructions clearly state how long they will take and what reward you will receive.

Seniors who are simply craving the social and mobility benefits of the jobs they left behind when they retired might consider a part-time job or volunteer opportunity in Grand Junction. Sometimes, it's simply about having a reason to get out of your apartment and into the community a few times a week, and that's great too.