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7 Ways to Bring Color to Your Assisted Living Apartment

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7 Ways to Bring Color to Your Assisted Living Apartment

Residents want their assisted living apartments to be stylish, functional and fun. Often, they furnish their homes with a mix of beloved family treasures and contemporary, space-friendly pieces. But for some, decorating can be a challenge. To find inspiration for indoor decorating, just look outdoors to see how color can make your world beautiful. The Bible teaches us that God’s hand has created and inspired all that can be found in nature:

“But ask the beasts, and they will teach you; the birds of the heavens, and they will tell you; or the bushes of the earth, and they will teach you; and the fish of the sea will declare to you. Who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this?” Job 12:7-9

Grand Junction is surrounded by breathtaking desert panoramas, rivers, mountains and natural monuments. One look outside can offer unlimited inspiration for how to decorate what’s inside, especially if you’re looking to add some color. 

1. Indoor wreaths

Not just for the front door during the holidays, wreaths are timeless symbols representing kinship, hospitality and eternal life. Use a simple evergreen wreath or one embellished with fruits, ornamental birds, flowers or bows to add a pop of color to indoor windows or doors.

2. Fruits and vegetables

Artificial fruit is fine, but fresh fruits and vegetables offer even more organic color. Find a decorative bowl and showcase a variety of your favorite fruits and produce. Besides bringing natural beauty to your space, a fruit bowl ensures you have a healthy snack handy when you need a quick bite or when guests arrive.

3. Colorful houseplants

The simplest way to add natural bits of color to your apartment’s décor is with potted plants and fresh flowers. Place green and floral accents everywhere you can, including the kitchen and bathroom. Plants bring life, character and charm into any part of your home.

4. Play with accent colors

You may not be able to or want to paint the walls in your assisted living apartment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add bold accent colors. An accent color is one hue that you repeat in fairly big ways around three times in a room. In your living space, you might make red the accent color, choosing a red sofa, a red pillow on a chair and a red vase for a book shelf. Accent colors work best when you pair them with neutral tones or one or two complementary hues.

5. Choose colorful widow treatments 

Windows are a great place to add color because you already have light in that area. Light through the right curtains or blinds can diffuse color throughout your room or draw attention to the window as a focal point.

Try sheer panels to add color without losing much light, or opt for patterned valances or toppers to add cheerful tones without covering the entire window. Swag sets draw the color down, elongating the window and adding both elegance and color to your space.

Window treatments are also a fun way to quickly change the overall tone of a room to match the season. Consider investing in a few sets of curtains so you can revamp the look of your assisted living apartment throughout the year. 

6. Think tropical

Tropical décor is all about ease, comfort and elegance. The bold patterns and vibrant colors that define tropical décor don’t have to overwhelm your apartment. Simply add a little Caribbean to your furniture by incorporating throws or pillows in vibrant hues such as orange, yellow, pink, purple and ocean blue.

7. Deck the floor with patterns

Floor rugs and mats are a great way to add color to your space without increasing clutter. Choose a solid rug for a bold style statement, or opt for classical patterns to create sophistication in your space. Remember to ensure rugs are tacked down or lay flat to avoid creating tripping hazards.