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8 Hobbies for Seniors

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8 Hobbies for Seniors

A healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and plenty of exercise, is a major factor in living a long life for many people. Along with eating right and staying active, pursuing hobbies and staying social is important for enhancing your quality of life. Whether you're looking for a new hobby or have been considering picking up hobbies you once used to participate in, consider one of these eight suggestions to get started.

1. Care for a Pet

Pets provide love, affection and constant companionship. Studies have shown that pets can actually help you feel happier while reducing anxiety and stress. If you don't already have a pet, consider a low-maintenance one, such as a cat or small dog. Check with our Grand Villa staff regarding the types of animals that are allowed.

If getting a pet is out of the question for health or other reasons, consider volunteering at an animal shelter or asking your community director if there are local programs that offer pet therapy with dogs that visit seniors.

2. Create Art or Crafts

Art and related crafts do a great job of stimulating the mind and can also be fun to complete. All types of art, whether painting, sculpting or scrapbooking, can be cathartic. And many craft-oriented activities can be done socially with family or friends — check out the community calendar to find out about group options for getting creative.

3. Dancing/Music

Dancing is a fun, enjoyable way for seniors to socialize and exercise. Dancing can improve your body's balance, gait and overall functioning. You don't have to participate in a community-wide dance-a-thon in order to see the positive health benefits. You may just enjoy dancing in your apartment with a few friends. Grand Villa offers multiple music-oriented activities for you to enjoy each month, and you can also explore musical shows and programming throughout Grand Junction, CO.

4. Yoga

Yoga for seniors can be extremely beneficial for the mind and body. Attending a yoga class regularly can help you build a rapport and bond with other yoga students and the teacher. Yoga can help you work on flexibility, strength and balance and may even help you sleep better.

At Grand Villa, we offer monthly yoga classes for you to practice specific poses and stretches with a yoga instructor.

5. Playing Cards and Games

Card games, checkers, dominoes, Scrabble and other board games can help keep seniors' minds sharp and attentive. They're also lots of fun and can encourage some friendly competition among residents.

6. Walking

Exploring the outdoors near your apartment in Grand Villa is a great way to get some fresh air and light exercise. Walking helps you maintain your independence and keeps your muscles moving and active.

7. Cooking

Even though the delicious meals and social interaction available in the dining room at Grand Villa each day are some of the best things about living here, it can be fun to try out new recipes in your own apartment. Explore cookbooks to find kitchenette-friendly recipes that appeal to you, and you can even prepare them when family and friends come to visit.

8. Reading

Sinking into a cozy chair with a good book is one of life's great pleasures. Whether you enjoy perusing the classics, historical fiction or beach reads, reading is a great hobby for seniors.

Large print books are widely available, both through libraries and bookstores, making reading an easy hobby to take up. You can even start your own book club within the community and have discussions about your favorite titles.