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Ideas for Whiling Away Winter Hours

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Ideas for Whiling Away Winter Hours

Whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not, residents at Grand Villa Assisted Living in Grand Junction, Colorado, can trust that there are still some cold days on the calendar for early 2019. But whether that means more snow fall or just frigid temps that keep you indoors, there's plenty you can do to stay active and while away the remaining hours of winter this season.

Here's a look at just some of the ideas you might want to investigate for spending your hours this season.

1. Host a Winter Book Club With Friends in the Community

If you love reading, gather a few like-minded friends in the community and power through your to-be-read lists with breaks for book discussions over your favorite refreshments. With winter keeping everyone inside, you might read a book a week, allowing each person in the group to have a turn at suggesting the next read. Or, you could schedule themed reading, reading a book from different times periods or locations each week. This is a great way to enjoy adventure without leaving your assisted living community.

2. Pamper Yourself

Spend some time slathering self-care on yourself this winter. It's a great time to enjoy long baths or showers, get a manicure or learn a new exercise routine or yoga pose. Those activities fill the hours as you wait for weather to break, but they also provide a mood boost that helps you battle winter blues. If you don't know where to start, consider scheduling an appointment in the Grand Villa salon.

3. Join in on Cultural Outings

When weather conditions are safe, the assisted living community ensures ample opportunities for outings for all residents. Join in on a shopping trip or cultural outing to break free of cabin fever. Even if you don't normally join in, consider checking out these types of activities during long winter weeks.

4. Adopt a Pet

If you really are just a homebody and would prefer to spend snowy days in your own assisted living apartment, consider adopting a pet to keep you company. The Grand Villa senior living community allows pets within reason, and you might consider options such as birds, cats and small to medium-size dogs. Adopting a new pet during winter, when you know you'll be home regularly, can be a good idea because you have time to bond with and train your new companion.

5. Get Familiar With the Community Library

Like the idea of spending winter lost in books but not up for book discussions? Spend time browsing the community library for new volumes. Whether you're into learning from nonfiction or escaping in fictional epics, you'll find a book you can enjoy.

6. Visit the Computer Center for Education or Entertainment

 Finally, if you want a different way to explore the world, consider visiting the computer center and getting more comfortable online. Seniors can take part in free online college classes, visit numerous sites for entertaining reads, keep up with friends via email or social media or learn more about new hobbies on sites such as YouTube.