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Planning the Perfect Assisted Living Picnic

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Planning the Perfect Assisted Living Picnic

Picnics are a fun outing you can look forward to with your friends and loved ones, and there’s no better time to plan one than July, which is National Picnic month. Take advantage of our lushly landscaped grounds here at Grand Villa to host a small picnic this summer with your friends or visitors. From food to logistics, this guide helps you bring your whole event together.

Easy and Tasty Summer Picnic Fare

Save time and effort with a couple delicious recipes, already made food and custom-order favorites.

1. Homemade Potato Salad. Homemade potato salad is actually very easy to make by relying on simple proportions. Begin by using one potato for every person you expect to attend. Boil until it starts to soften but not until it's soft enough to mash. After chilling, dice into bite-size pieces. If you like hard-boiled eggs, add one diced egg for every two potatoes used. Then add a tablespoon of mayo for every potato; one teaspoon of mustard per every two potatoes; one chopped dill pickle for every four potatoes; and one thin slice of onion, chopped, per every four potatoes. Add salt and pepper for flavor and chill overnight, and you’ll have a simple but delicious potato salad to enjoy.

2. Instant Pot Ribs. If you have a pressure/slow cooker hybrid, you can have tasty meat-falling-off-the-bone ribs in under an hour by combining time in the machine with just a few minutes in your oven. Begin adding a cup of water to the bottom of the pressure cooker and placing the metal stand inside. A few drops of liquid smoke can enhance overall taste. Cover your ribs with ground salt and pepper and place on the rack inside. Cook in high pressure mode for 25 minutes, and then select natural release. Once done, remove to a baking pan, brush your favorite barbecue sauce on the top and bottom.

3. Packaged sides or food from the community kitchen. Using already prepared foods is the ultimate time-saver. A walk through the deli and canned goods area of the grocery store will net nearly any type of side, while our kitchen here on site offers a variety of dishes we can package up to take outside for your picnic. Remember, also, that we offer catering for larger events and can work with you on a custom menu if the picnic you’re planning will have a lot of attendees.

4. Food from friends and family. Make your picnic a potluck by inviting everyone who comes to bring their own dish.

Setting Up Your Picnic

Once you’ve determined when you’ll have your picnic and what food you’d like to serve, you’ll need to plan how to set it up. Remember that the people who attend will have varying physical abilities and may not be able to sit on the ground on a picnic blanket or at a traditional picnic table. 

A solution that can work with any level of ability is to use a regular style table. Set up the table with traditional outdoor chairs that can easily be moved out of the way to make room for wheelchairs or sit-on scooters. Remember that wheelchairs and scooters may not work well when not on sidewalks and pick your picnic area accordingly. Our staff can help you pick an accessible spot and help you order food or transport it to your picnic area.